Enterprise Grade Hosting and Security
Everything you need

Centralized Hosting

Hosting is what makes your site visible on the web. Our servers offer fast and reliable service for every need - from a basic website to high-powered eCommerce store.

Enterprise Grade

Everything is stored and hosted securely through HieCOR, giving you peace of mind when it comes to knowing that your business’ data is safe.

SSL Certificates.

All of your lead, landing pages and websites are secured with high-grade encryption via SSL. HieCOR packages also allows you to install your own SSL certificate, enabling your store to be securely hosted via your own domain name.

Peace of Mind

Handle large traffic volume without breaking a sweat. HieCOR will never limit or charge extra when volume spikes.

Manage Data Access with Complete Audit Trail
Know Who’s In Your System

You’re in control.

Assign each staff member their own HieCOR login, giving permission to access only what they need to complete their job.

Put the right numbers in the right hands

Make your staff more productive by giving them real-time reports that provide insight to their daily duties.

Maintain a complete audit trail.

HieCOR provides your company a simple method to understand the interactions of your employees with your data.

Save time & money.

Make your employees more productive by giving comprehensive analytics and datasets in a single locaiton.

Centralized Database for all Shopping Channels
Unify Your Sales Channels into One Platform

Sales Channels

Stop loging into multiple systems to manage your various sales channels. Save time and money with HieCOR.

Reach Millions.

Publish your products with a single click to both Amazon and Ebay. See all live listings in your HieCOR control panel. When a product is purchased the order is automiatically created in your HieCOR.

Integrate Your Existing Sales Channels

Already have a store? HieCOR seamlessly integrates your existing systems into one platform.

Less Headaches

Eliminate the hassle of multiple usernames and passwords by integrating all your omni-channel platforms.

Social Media Management
Grow Your Following

Maximize Your Social ROI

Integrate your existing social media circles, launch strategic social media campaigns and track conversion along the way.

Build Your Following.

Schedule posts, tweets and social media updates across all of your social network with a single click.

Increase Social Awareness.

Keep customers up to date with what you’re selling. Offer promotional codes and coupons.

Sales Channels
Maximize Profits, Minimize Effort

Seamless integration.

Everything from your landing pages and online presence to your brick-and-mortar store is easily integrated, unifying your entire business without the hassle of transfering data sheets or paying for expensive third-party addons.

Unify your sales channels.

HieCOR allows all of your sales locations to flow through the platform. This enables your inventory management, affiliate activity and contact data to be compiled in a single place with no additional effort.

Never set foot outside again.

Update and configure all of your sales channels from a single vantage point, saving you time and allowing you to post and configure products with a single click.

Sales Email Marketing
Unlock the Full Potential of Your Contact Database

Email Marketing Integration

No more logging into external email marketing software. HieCOR’s emailer syncs with your entire contact manager, giving you the power to set up automatic emails based on purchase and even contact history.

Smart Customer Lists.

Create parameters to add customers to one or more lists based on purchase history, contact source, keywords, demographics and activities performed.

Track Effectiveness

Get in-depth reports with specific details of open rates, click-through and even final customer conversion when a product is purchased.

Keep Customers Updated

Promote your business with company newsletters, discount offers, info about new products and surveys. HieCOR automatically captures contact information from all of your sales channels, giving you an incredible advantage when it comes to tailoring your email campaigns.

Ad Tracking
Maximize the Effectivenesss of Your Campaigns

Conversion Tracking

Measure, analyze and optimize your ad dollars of your online marketing campaigns.

Powerful Statistics

Calculate your return on invenstment, quickly seeing which traffic sources are making money and which are not.

Campaign with Certainty

Create and manage ad campaigns, giving your affiliates their own goverened HieCOR login to match their conversion info to your sales numbers.

Multiple Campaigns

HieCOR makes split testing easy, allowing you to create unique links for each omni-channel, thus maximizing your ROI.

Advertising Purchasing
Market Like a Pro

Reach the right people at the right time.

Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call.

Advertise locally or globally.

Tailor marketing campaigns to customers in other countries, regions or even within a set distance from your place of business or store.

Programmatic advertising

With built-in ad purchasing, HieCOR makes purchasing ad space as easy as clicking a button.

Start with any budget.

Set your own budget, so your costs will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your advertising.

Complete Fulfillment Module
Discover One-Click Shipping

Countless Shipping Providers

HieCOR’s library of shipping retailers gives you options to ship from a wide variety of shipping retailers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL and many more.

Save Time

Forget the hassle of manually importing all of your customer data into your fulfillment software. Because HieCOR manages your sales, shipping information is automatically updated for all of your customers

Print Shipping Labels

Purchase postage and print shipping labels for all of your orders with the click of a button. Integrated partners include:

Track Your Shipments

Update your customers with tracking numbers generated in real-time. Enable customer service to see decoded tracking status.

Centralized Inventory Management
Inventory Made Easy

Never Run Out of Inventory Again

Keep updated with inventory-based alerts to track inventory depletion deadlines and send re-stocking notifications before you run out of product.

Maximize Omni-Channels

HieCOR maximizes your profits with intuitive selling strategies for pricing product that needs to sell. Sell off unwanted inventory through different discount omni chanels while preserving your main revenue streams.

One Inventory to Rule Them All

As it should be. Tie your inventory to all of your sales channels, giving you complete control and saving time. When a product is out of stock it can be automatically taken off it’s sales channels.

From Chaos to Control

Keep track of orders that have not shipped and stay up-to-date with alerts that help maximize your customer’s experience.

Reporting & Real-Time Alerts
Stay Up to Speed

Get all the numbers.

Get the reports that help you manage your business. Summarize entire sales channels, all affiliate tracking, gateway activity and even sales forecast all in one place. All reports are in real-time and available online or delievered at custom intervals.

Get Smart

Create and edit smart alerts that can text/email you or your staff from inventory depletion deadlines to sales activity, fraud and fulfillment.

Ready to Print

Generate ready-to-print analytics reports for all of your business’ activity, in real-time. Export to word, PDF or excel with one click.

Real-Time & Dashboard
Your Business Snapshot

Bird’s Eye View

Get a complete snapshot of your entire business right from your dashboard.

What are your key drivers?

Get a side-by-side look at all of your sales channels. Track performance by location, product or even product category.

Complete Demographics

Track your top performing KPI’s by city, state, region or even country-- giving you insight to who your buyers are.

Create Your Store
All the Tools You Need

Design Your Store

Choose from our vast library of gorgeous themes, or work with a designer to create a unique store that will maximize your profits.

Already have a website?

HieCOR makes it easy to integrate with your pre-existing website or eCommerce store. Some of our partners include

  • Open Cart
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • ZenCart

Add and manage products.

Easily add products to your store, complete with high-resolution images, pricing, inventory level and as many product options as you like.

Link Payments

Because your store is linked to HieCOR, you have the power to run card processing with the same merchant gateway settings as all of your other sale channels, making it easy to keep track of all sales activity.

Merchant Account Integration
Configure Payments in a Snap

Ease of Access

Link your merchant accounts directly to HieCOR, enabling you to accept credit and debit card payments via all of your sales channels.

Choose your merchant provider

Whatever merchant account you have, HieCOR makes it easy to link to your platforms.

Quick Setup

Be up and running in minutes, not days. With over 100 payment integrations available and ready to use HieCOR offers flexibliity in your payment options.

Mobile Optimized
Go Wireless

Conduct Business Anywhere.

Because HieCOR is a secure, in-browser platform, you can take your business anywhere you go. No more being confined to your office desktop.

Everything. Optimized.

Our storefront themes are mobile optimized, ready to maximize your sales conversion.