Complete Snapshot
Get a comprehensive overview of your entire business. Track demographics, top KPI's and

Sales Channels
Narrow down your sales activity by specific sales channel, giving you key insight to exactly where your business' revenue is coming from.


Centralize your company's data into a single viewpoint. Navigate sales activity, consumer outreach and see a complete snapshot of all activity channels.


Customer Management Hub
Allow your customer service to connect with clients directly, giving a comprehensive view of the customer's experience. Here you can manage purchases, account details and customer communication.

Orders & Transactions
Manage every order in complete detail Explore your client base with search tools encompassing sale amount range, customer location, frequency and much more.

Easily keep track of client issues and internally assign tickets within your company to get orders back on track and keep clients happy.


Consolidate your customer service to a single application, regardless of order origination.


Sales Channels
Stop logging into multiple systems to manage your various sales channels. Publish your products with a single click to both Amazon and EBay.

Website Management
Create, edit and host your website using drag and drop technology. Integrate your existing websites or use one of many pre-defined templates to jump start.

Banners and Advertisement
Upload and create your own customized banners to bring in traffic to your store. Track the effectiveness of your ad campaigns with complete conversion reporting.


HieCOR gives you a single portal for all sales channels, accelerating your productivity and expanding your market reach.


Professionally manage advertising campaigns, turning browsers into buyers with HieCOR.


Get More Customers
Bring in new website visitors grow online sales and keep customers coming back for more.

Reach the Right People at the Right Time
Plan and target your audience precisely when they're looking for what you have to offer.

Advertise Locally or Globally
Tailor marketing campaigns to customers in other countries, other regions or even within a set distance from your brick-and-mortar store.


Get all the tools you need to complete manage your affiliate tracking without having to pay for expensive 3rd party add-ons.


Complete Control
Take the reins of your market. Create, track and manage digital marketing campaigns like a pro. Pinpoint where your affiliate traffic is coming from and generate reports in real-time.

Peace of Mind
Track KPI's, platforms, devices and gain powerful insight to the effectiveness of your digital advertising strategy.


Promote and Track
Establish and follow quality leads, build commercial branding and create lasting customers through your existing social networks.

Manage Your Entire Social Lifecycle
Schedule Tweets and Facebook Posts, monitor conversations and more, all from the comfort of a single dashboard. Create and customize ROI reports with ready-to-print analytics.


Manage your entire inventory like a pro with the power of HieCOR.


Never Run out of Stock
Automatically disable purchasing access to sold-out product, as well as keep updated with alerts and smart re-stocking notifications that calculate depletion dates and when inventory is low.

Advantage Pricing and Strategy
Intuitively adjust pricing and create new strategies to sell dormant stock, capitalizing on the best return possible for product that needs to move.


One Click Shipping
Ship directly to your customers with ease. Get quotes in real-time for fulfillment through HieCOR and provide customers with easy-to-print packing information in a snap.

Purchase and Print Shipping
Print shipping labels directly from integrated retailers. Update tracking information for customers in real-time, regardless of the originating platform.


Advanced shipping options bring your business to full reality when it comes to shipping worldwide with integrated partners like , , and many more...


Manage all aspects of your business trends, current and projected numbers using a wide variety of intuitive, ready-to-print reports.


Rule-Based Alerts
A range of alert delivery options allow you to respond to immediate situations or planned notifications in advance. Stay informed on everything, from when to schedule customer outreach to end fulfillment.

Boost Decision Making
Put the right information in the hands of your employees at the right time. Optimize and grow your business by generating complete demographic profiles of your customers.